Garden Update

May 25th, 2011

Well, the garden is coming along. Kent and I planted on Monday in the new garden in the back. We started getting it ready last fall. Originally, the dimension was 100 by 200 ft. We had to reduce it due to the wet spring. Water kept in some areas so next year we will shift the garden. We planted 112 tomato plants, over 100 peppers, about 80 Cinnimon Basil plants, Candy Onions, Walla Walla, and Red Onions. Our method: I drove the 4-Wheeler with a trailor hitched to the back while he laid on his belly  and planted one by one. We used 5 rows of plastic with irrigation to help with weeding and watering as we do not plan to have any help with this process. I find that we will probably have to resort to that. It's amazing that we are going feed a ton of people with all this produce...and it all began with a tiny seed. Well This holiday weekend we will sure be planting more: melons, transplanting sunflowers from that small garden(they reseeded themselves) to the big garden, cucumbers, pumpkins, potatoes, funnel seeds, and more!


Thanks for the support!

Kent and Saren



Comments (4)

Said this on 6/7/2011 At 11:00 am

Just wanted to say I am so excited about The Table restaurant in Holmes county and will continue to pray that business picks up. God bless you in all your endeavors.

Said this on 7/25/2011 At 05:44 pm
Great thinking! That really baerks the mold!
Said this on 12/19/2011 At 02:28 am
This introduces a pleasingly raitoanl point of view.
Said this on 4/20/2012 At 02:51 pm
I don't know the site you are looking for .sounds snnereititg though. My husband made me a raised garden and we have been planting for years. Take into consideration the movement of the sun. I have learned through trial and error the height of plants and where to put them as the sun moves throughout the day.
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